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Air Command $39.88

Red, Green and Multicolored Falling Leaves

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Air Superiority $39.88

16 shots Brocade crown+purple sparkler+green glitter sparkler; (B) Red sparkler+green glitter sparkler+white glitter sparkler; (C) Brocade crown+green sparkler+white glitter sparkler; (D) Sky blue sparkler+green glitter sparkler+white glitter sparkler.

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All Night Long $39.88

Brocade to Red Stars with Chrysanthemum, Brocade to Blue Stars with Chrysanthemum, Brocade to Green Stars with Chrysanthemum, Gold Palm Tree with Blue Stars and Green Glittering with Chrysanthemum

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Captain Jake $39.88

Chrysanthemum mine to brocade crown, red dahlia sparkler; green dahlia sparkler; purple dahlia sparkler; blue dajlia sparkler; lemon dahlia sparkler; orange dahlia sparkler; chrysanthemum.

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Captain Pyro $39.88

Huge silver willow w/ green glittering

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CE 1,000 $39.88

Green glitter mine, blue sparkler & silver fish; Green glitter mine, blue sparkler & golden glitter sparkler; Green glitter mine, red sparkler & silver chrysanthemum; Green glitter mine, golden glitter sparkler & golden glitter crown; Green glitter mine, golden sparkler & blue glitter sparkler; Green glitter mine, red sparkler & time rain.

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CE 900 $39.88

Red/blue sparkler+white glitter sparkler; Brocade crown+blue sparkler; Green/purple sparkler+white glitter sparkler; Brocade crown+green glitter sparkler; Brocade crown to red/green/blue sparkler+white/green glitter sparkler+silver chrysanthemum.

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CE DC $49.88

30 Shots Dahlia and white glittering mine to white glittering w/red coconut pistil; color dahlia and white glittering mine to white w/green coco.pistil; 3 color dahlia and white glittering mine to brocade crown w/white glittering; 4. blue pearl and chrys. mine to white glittering w/red and shy blue; 5. blue pearl and chrys. mine to [...]

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Chicken on a Chain $39.88

12 shots Blue to silver wave, green to silver wave green strobe pistil, purple to silver wave, red to silver wave white strobe pistil.

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Crazy Exciting on Steroids $49.88

Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts.

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Asian Sensation $39.88

9 shots- red palm tree and silver glittering pistil with crackling tail; silver palm tree and green glittering pistil with silver crackling tail; purple palm tree and silver glittering pistil with crackling tail.

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Chasing Booty $39.88

24 shots This cake launches a steady stream of 24 shots. The first 12 shots are blue mines to red, white, and blue breaks with glitter, followed by 3 different 4-shot barrages with mines to brocades with red and green tips, gold with glitter, and gold with crackling.

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Eagle Shadow $39.88

22 shots Crackling Tail to Color Peony with Purple Star, Red and Blue Peony with White Glitter, Blue Star with Brocade Crown, White Glitter with Falling Leaves.

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Evil Clown $39.88

Sky blue/lemon/purple with green glitter 9 shots

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Fighting Rooster $39.88

30 shots Fierce and feisty is what you get with the Fighting Rooster! As a top performer and crowd favorite, 30 shots explode into blue mines and red dahlias, lighting up the night sky. Noisy and full of action, you’ll be mesmerized by the five-shot finale. The Fighting Rooster is a must-have!

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Final Cut $39.88

30 shots Fan Shape Finale; the same row goes up quickly together: silver chrys. Mine to titanium chrys w/ the amazing red

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Fist Full of Power $39.88

Fist Full of Power displays a two-tier effect with mines firing up from the ground to large shells in the air. Effects include: willows, color breaks, crackling, and lots of glitter. 16 shots

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Frozen State $49.88

21 shots All shots have silver spinners to silver wave to: 1. Red, blue; 2. Purple, green; 3. Blue; 4. Purple, green glitter; 5. Red glitter, blue; 6. Green glitter, lemon; 7. Brocade crown.

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Funky World $39.88

40 shots Funky World fires 6 volleys of brilliant colors and lots of effects. It features colored mines, pistils, glitter, fish… Something for everyone!

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Gorilla Warfare $39.88

30 shots The sky will be under attack when you initiate Gorilla Warfare! This top seller shoots mind-blowing red, blue and white glitter explosions into the sky, bursting into booms and crackles that will delight any audience. With 30 shots, this is sure to be a major crowd pleaser during your celebration!

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