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Chasing Booty $39.88

24 shots This cake launches a steady stream of 24 shots. The first 12 shots are blue mines to red, white, and blue breaks with glitter, followed by 3 different 4-shot barrages with mines to brocades with red and green tips, gold with glitter, and gold with crackling.

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Chicken on a Chain $39.88

12 shots Blue to silver wave, green to silver wave green strobe pistil, purple to silver wave, red to silver wave white strobe pistil.

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Crazy Exciting on Steroids $49.88

Red, white, green, white crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up into red, green, silver waves with a quickened finale of 4 shots of huge crackle bursts.

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Eagle Shadow $39.88

22 shots Crackling Tail to Color Peony with Purple Star, Red and Blue Peony with White Glitter, Blue Star with Brocade Crown, White Glitter with Falling Leaves.

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Environmental Concern $39.88

Red/green palm; red palm w/white glitter; golden sparkler w/green palm; red palm w/green glitter. 16 Shots

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Evil Clown $39.88

Sky blue/lemon/purple with green glitter 9 shots

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Fighting Rooster $39.88

30 shots Fierce and feisty is what you get with the Fighting Rooster! As a top performer and crowd favorite, 30 shots explode into blue mines and red dahlias, lighting up the night sky. Noisy and full of action, you’ll be mesmerized by the five-shot finale. The Fighting Rooster is a must-have!

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Final Cut $39.88

30 shots Fan Shape Finale; the same row goes up quickly together: silver chrys. Mine to titanium chrys w/ the amazing red

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Firefly $49.88

Firefly will burst into action with red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers. 16 SHOTS

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Fist Full of Power $39.88

Fist Full of Power displays a two-tier effect with mines firing up from the ground to large shells in the air. Effects include: willows, color breaks, crackling, and lots of glitter. 16 shots

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