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Glitterball $49.88

This ain’t disco. It’s rows of purple tails to brocade alternating with rows of silver glittering tails to white bouquets. 35 SHOTS

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Gun Runner $39.88

Silver wave to red w/ purple, lemon dahlia and green glittering. Silver wave to green w/ sky blue, pigen blood red and white strobe. Silver wave to red, green, sky blue, purple, lemon dahlia and red, green, white glittering.

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High Def $39.88

Brocade crown to white glitter sparkler, red glitter sparkler, green glitter sparkler, red sparkler, blue sparkler, silver spinner fish. 16 shots

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Home Team $49.88

A) Silver Fish Mine, Red Dahlia Sparkler Mine, White Glitter Sparkler Mine. B) Red Dahlia Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. 47 shots  

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Imperial Wizard $39.88

A) Lemon sparkler+white glitter sparkler; B) Peach sparkler+Lemon glitter sparkler; C) Violet sparkler+green glitter sparkler; D) Orange sparkler+white glitter sparkler; E) Golden glitter sparkler+sea blue sparkler; F) Sea blue sparkler+ Lemon glitter sparkler; G) Time rain willow.

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Infantry $39.88

Red sparkler and green sparkler and blue sparkler ; Sky blue sparkler & green sparkler & white glitter sparkler ; Yellow sparkler and green sparkler & purple sparkler ; Red glitter sparkler & green glitter sparkler ; Red glitter sparkler & green glitter sparkler & white glitter sparkler. 16 shots  

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Kill Bill $49.88

18 Shots Red tail up to red, blue dahlia with silver glitter, red star, gold dahlia with green glitter, red star green dahlia with silver glitter. 12 shots red tail up to red stars with silver glitter, red star with green glitter. 6 shot red tail up to red star crackling.

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King $39.88

Red sparkler tail brocade crown and white glitter sparkler; Blue sparkler tail brocade crown and blue sparkler; Blue sparkler tail silver chrysanthemum 30 Shots

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Machete $49.88

36 shots 6 rows of variety!  Row1: brocade crown with blue stars mine; row2: red stars/blue stars /white glitter; row3: brocade crown waterfall with red glitter; row4: blue stars with red/green fallen leaves,blue stars with silver fish; row5: blue stars with silver fish,lemon red dahlia with white glitter; row6: gerbera

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Midnight Sunburn $49.88

This 12 shot 500 gram cake has an array of red, blue, purple, and green with a little glitter sprinkled in. 12 shots

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Medalist $49.88

21 shots Yowza – look at that – pink, garnet and green dahlias with silver glitter, then large brocade with green glitter. Red and silver glittering willows with crackling, then gold palms with silver glitter. Ends with a three-shot finale of garnet dahlias with crackling.

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Meltdown $39.88

25 Shots White glitter mine to skyblue with white glitter and red dahlia; golden willow with green glitter; brocade crown with gold glitter; skyblue and lemon with white glitter; red green dahlia with silver chrys, each row with whistling and white glitter mine alternating.

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Melting Stars $49.88

Red palm, white glitter; red palm, green glitter; brocade crown, green glitter; red palm, silver chrysanthemums 30 shots

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Midnight Madness $49.88

Yellow, Blue, Red & Purple Stars with White Strobes, Followed by Gold Comets to white and red strobes. 41 shots

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Nuclear Disaster $49.88

Purple/green/silver/red/yellow coconut w/glittering and silver chrys. 9 shots

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One Really Bad Mother $49.88

16 shots Alternating Gold Willow; Multi-Blooming Crackle Flowers; Gold Willow with Quickened Final 4 Shots.

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Oneheckuva Firework $49.88

53 shots Fanned, Multi Level Effect – Powerful Multi colored mines zigzag back and forth ending with a finale with green glittering tails to red and green crackling willow Bursts, Awesome!

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