500 Gram Finales



American Rhythm $80.00

156 Shot Zipper Repater (A) Red sparkler; (B) white sparkler; (C) blue sparkler; (D) brocade crown + red sparkler and white sparkler and blue sparkler.

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Big Breaking $70.00

9 3″ Shots of Brocade Crowns!  Great finale for your party!

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Honor $70.00

Red peony, silver palm pistil followed by blue peony and silver palm pistil. 9 shots

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Inked $70.00

White Glitter Sparkler, Red Sparkler followed by White Glitter Sparkler, Blue Sparkler. 9 total shots, 3″ diameter

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Migraine $70.00

This 3 inch cake is always a crowd favorite that has entertained people from coast to coast. Performance consists of 9 shots of brocade crowns that finish with various colored tips, including; green, yellow, red, and blue. A massive 2 shot finale lets the spectators know the show is over.

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Poison $70.00

This 3″ 9 shot rack leaves you screaming for more, slam packed with big hard hitting breaks that are sure to impress. An excellent finale or show piece with alternating shots of green brocade’s with glitter and crackle. 6 shots sequential with a slamming 3 shot finale.

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Rolling Thunder $70.00

Nine 3″ Shots For those customers who want numerous colors and effects all by lighting one fuse, this piece is for you. A straight 9 shots full of pure power, each shot goes over 200 feet in the sky and then breaks covering an area in sky well over 125 feet in diameter. This piece [...]

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Storm Chaser $70.00

A) Gold willow to red sparkler, (B) Gold willow to green sparkler; (C) White glitter willow with green glitter sparkler; (D) Brocade crown with crackling; (E) Green dahlia with crackling; (F) Golden willow with green glitter sparkler; (G) Time rain willow;(H) White glitter willow with crackling;(I) Crackling with red palm. 9 3″ shots

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The Whole Shebang $65.00

THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Crackling comet tails to alternating blue stars and silver flying fish. Red and blue stars with white glitter. Green and purple stars. Blue stars and silver flying fish with delayed crackling. A finale of three multicolored willows. 18 SHOTS

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9mm $99.88

Row1:red comet;row2:green comet;row3:yellow comet; row4:silver fish with blue stars mine;row5/7:crackling comet; row8:blue stars with jellyfish;row9/11silver whistling tail;row12:brocade crown with red glitter,red/green stars with white glitter,blue stars with red/green fallen leaves. 105 shots

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Bombshell $80.00

A mixture of 2″ and 3″ Shells.  Patriotic colors with big bursts and reports 9 shots

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Country Boy

Brocade wave to red, brocade to blue; silver tail to whistling; brocade wave to blue star. 186 shots

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Deadly Catch $80.00

Golden glittering comet; time rain tail rising up to silver fish with purple, blue stars; silver comet; time rain to blue comet; time rain tail rise up time rain with purple blue stars. 100 shots

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Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty $70.00

9 huge 3″ shots of Blue/Red/Glitter Brocades and Blue/Red/Green/Orange Dahlia.

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Field of Dreams $70.00

Red palm; sky blue sparkler; white glitter sparkler; green palm; purple palm; sky blue sparkler powder

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Frontlines $99.88

Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum. 125 shots

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Implode $70.00

Silver and gold mines with crackling and chrysanthemums 9 3″shots

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Inked $70.00

Green strobe breaks 9 3″ shots

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Money Bags $70.00

Red glitter brocade, silver brocade, green glitter brocade, repeat, 3 shot finale red green brocade and crackle 9 3″ shots

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