Aerial Novelties



7″ Parachute $1.88/each

Single Parachute with 7 multi-colored effects

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Artificial Satellite $1.44

Watch these satelites spin upwards high into the sky with a multicolored tail! 12 pieces/pack

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Bomber Airplanes $2.88

See these take off the ground and shoot into the sky, providing wonderful multicolored effects! 12 pieces/pack

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Double Day Parachute $4.88

This item shoots two parachutes up into the sky. This is a daytime item and has no color or night time effects. Great item for kids of all ages and they are fun to chase and retrieve as they come back to the ground. 6 pieces/box

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Double Night Parachute $4.88

Launches two separate parachutes that gently float down carrying colored flares 6 pieces/box

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Drop Zone Parachute $9.88/each

Huge 109″ parachute with army man attached.

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Geronimo Parachute $4.88/each

This item shoots a single large parachute up into the sky. This is a daytime item and has an army man attached to the bottom of the parachute. As the parachute descends it leaves a trail of red and blue smoke as it falls to the ground. Great item for kids of all ages and [...]

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Ladybugs $4.88

These little guys spin in a red glow and fly off with green and red lights, ending in a shower of silver flowers.

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Large Sunflower $4.88

High flying spinners with loads of color and some crackling added on! 12 pieces/pack

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Magic Crystals $5.88

See the crystal do its magic of spinning on the ground, rising to the sky then setting off red and green stars with a strong whistle. 4 pieces/pack

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Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring means a welcome to warmer weather and FIREWORKS!  We've been stocking our stores weekly throughout the winter months to provide you with the best variety at the lowest prices!   Looking ...

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