Aerial Repeaters


Frenzy $20.00

If you love color and saturn missiles, then this is for you! 1. Red Stars & Whistling Tail up to Crackling & Blue Stars 2. Green Stars & Whistling Tails up to Bang Reports & Blue Stars 3. Whistling & While Glittering up to Bang Reports 4. Crackling 246 Shots

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Monster Bashing $19.88

Gold glitter/gold willow | dahlia | green willow/glitter | silver willow/green glitter 20 shots

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No Signs of Life $14.88

10 shots of Blue Peony with a flashing blue trail!

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Playing with Fire $19.88

Silver fish effect repeated with chrysanthemum effect. 19 shots

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Silver Eagle $2.88

Silver sparkler tail followed by a silver sparkler to crackling tail. 7 shots

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The Guardian $2.88

Red star to silver fish; Time Rain to silver fish; Silver mine to red star; Silver fish to green star. 16 shots

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Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit $12.00

Golden wave to crackling with golden tail. 16 Shots

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Warm Greeting $10.00

Multi-colored shots with crackling and report. 61 shots

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Whistling Whirl Floral $10.00

Whirl to the sky with whistles and titanium flowers. 61 shots

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48 Shot Color Pearl Flower $1.88

Green and Red Strobe Light Shots shooting into the sky with reports! 48 Shots

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Colorful Missile Launcher $7.88

25 shots A true classic- shoots green, red and white stars with loud reports

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Cover Yo Ears $2.88

Red Tail to White Glitter, Green Tail to Green Glitter, Gold Tail to Time Rain Chrysanthemum 7 Shots

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Dark Ghost $2.88

Red, Green & Blue Tail to Red, Green and Blue Sparkler with Crackling 9 Shots

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Deadly Wings $12.00

This 12 shot, 200 gram cake combines gold, green, and red breaks that all end in a crackle. Great 3 shot finale! 12 shots

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Desert at Night $2.88

Emits shower of Red and Green Stars with White Glittering for 10 seconds, then shoots up red and blue stars 3 times each. 6 Shots Aerial/Fountain Combo

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Don’t Wake the Bear $19.88

Don’t Wake Up the Bear zips back and forth with a Z-shaped show of red, green, blue, white, yellow and purple comets with reports. 105 shots

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Electricity $12.00

Brocade crown to red sparkler and golden tail; Brocade crown to green sparkler and golden tail; Brocade crown to blue sparkler and golden tail. 16 Shots

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Evil $2.88

Red Tail to Brocade; Blue Tail to Blue Time Rain 9 shots

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Eye of the Tiger $12.00

16 shots of brocades to red, green, and blue stars with swirling golden tails.

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