Frenzy $20.00

If you love color and saturn missiles, then this is for you! 1. Red Stars & Whistling Tail up to Crackling & Blue Stars 2. Green Stars & Whistling Tails up to Bang Reports & Blue Stars 3. Whistling & While Glittering up to Bang Reports 4. Crackling 246 Shots

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300 Shot Crackling Saturn Missile Battery $15.00

300 Crackling and Whistling missiles fly loudly skyward then explode with reports.

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300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery $12.00

300 whistling missiles fly loudly skyward then explode with reports.

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750 Shot Saturn Missile Battery $70.00

Combined effects w/first 450 shots of whistling tails & reports, the 150 shots of silver whistling tails w/reports, Finale 150 shots of crackling tails w reports.

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Lightning Missiles $2.00/each

4 Different Styles of Missiles to choose from: Big tail to lemon star, Big tail to purple star with silver glitter, Big tail to red green star with silver glitter, and Big tail to crackling with green star.

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Saturn Missile Battery $4.00

4 individual 25 shot Saturn Missile battery packs, fly loudly skyward then explode with reports. (individual 25 shot packs)

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100 Shot Saturn Missile $4.00

100 whistling missiles fly loudly skyward then explode with reports.

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Side Winder Missile (14″) $5.88/each

Up, up and away. By far, the biggest and most unique missile in the industry. This 14″ missile comes complete with a large turbine fin base that helps send this item over 150 feet in the air. Finishes with a report and popcorn crackle finale.

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Star Shooter Missile (10″) $3.00/each

10″ high quality well designed plastic missile. Flies up over 100 feet and bursts to a colorful peony and crackling stars.

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Strike Force Missile $4.00

Comes in 3 varieties (each sold separately): Gold Palm, Red/Green Palm, Green/Gold Palm. Measures 11 1/2″ tall, shoots high 150 ft. shot with report.

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Strike Force Missile (10″) $3.00/each

High flying sky shot of color and noise! Great for those who are looking to launch off a flat surface!

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Thank You!

The Fireworks Outlet wants to thank each of you who visited our stores throughout the summer in making this an incredible season!  Remember, we are open year-round and fully stocked for your fireworks ...

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