Brothers Artillery Shell $24.88

12 shells/12 breaks Tons of colors, great bursts and value! See the video for more!

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Excalibur $69.88

24 unique shells with the following effects: Jumbo Red Dahlia Green Glittering with Crackles Red and Silver Peony Jumbo Crackling Silver Crackling Palm Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum Silver Palm with Crackling Jumbo Brocade Crown Golden Willow with Crackling Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind Jumbo Crackling Dragon Eggs Purple and Green Peony Brocade Silver [...]

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Goliath $89.88

The assortment comes with 36 reloadable shells including: 12 singles, 6 doubles, 6 triples, and 12 canisters. Contains 36 shells with a wide array of effects: Silver & Green Glitter , Purple Peony & Crackling Stars , Green & Crackling Stars to Silver & Purple Stars, Blue & Silver Glitter to Purple & Crackling Stars [...]

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Private Stash $24.88

Comes with 6 cylinder shells and one launch tubes; breaks are large and full, and include a green glitter break, a red and blue peony break with silver glitter, and a green and purple peony break 6 shells/6 breaks Case Price: $240.00 (12 packs)

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Super Magnum Artillery $24.88

12 high quality assorted single break shells with silver glittering tails and 6 different effects. These shells are several steps above the basic “Festival Ball” shells, with good height and big, colorful breaks. 12 Shells/12 Breaks

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#100 Tube (Cutting Edge) $7.00 each

Each Sold separately; these tubes pack one single-shot mortar high into the sky for a large colorful display! Choose from 4 different display!

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#300 Tubes $7.00/each

4 different single-shot preloaded mortar tubes. Choose from one of these tubes (as shown in the picture above): -Gold Chrysanthemum, Gold Strobe, Purple Chrysanthemum with Purple Strobe, Green Glitter with Chrysanthemum

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#5 Tubes $3.88/each

5 different single-shot preloaded mortar tubes. Choose from one of these tubes (as shown in the picture above): -Green Chrysanthemum, Green Strobe/Silver Strobe, Purple Strobe, Green Chrysanthemum with Purple & Red Strobe, Green Palm

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#500 Tubes (Brothers) $10.00/each

Single break pre-loaded tubes combined with the following. Multicolored Brocade Golden stars to crackling Purple crackling flowers Red Bouquets

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American Chief $24.88

American Chief Mortar Kit This great set from Brothers contains 12 amazing shells – 1. Crackling and blue sparkle with tail. 2. White flashing and two whistles with tail. 3. Blue stars and bees with tail. 4. Red, white, blue stars and reports with tail. 5. Blue stars and double spinners with tail. 6. Crackling [...]

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AR 15 Mortar Kit $99.88

Contains 30 shells with 18 various effects! Red dahlia with white glitter Brocade crown to blue, Jumbo silver chrysanthemum Brocade crown with green glitter Sky blue Red white and blue peony Green glitter with crackles Color peony with crackles Brocade crown to green Brocade crown to red Purple peony Sea blue and purple with gold [...]

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Artillery Shell $7.00

Artillery Shell 6 shells/6 breaks

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Artillery Shell with Crackling $8.00

Artillery Shell with Crackling 6 shells/6 breaks

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Artillery Shell Jumbo Bursts $8.00

Six different premier effects with silver tail & jumbo bursts. 1″ Canister Shells 6 Shells/6 Breaks

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