DIY $24.88

DO IT YOURSELF with these six quadruple break shells. 1. red, white and blue chrysanthemums and white flashing. 2. silver and colored bouquets and purple and yellow stars. 3. crackling x 4. 4. purple, white, green and blue stars. 5. colored bouquets x 4. 6. silver, red and green palm and crackling. All done by [...]

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Festival Balls $7.00

Each shell provides a multi-color peony burst high into the sky! 1″ Canister Shells 6 Shells/6 Breaks

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Merlin $59.88

The Merlin offers 18 of the highest available double break shells, each 60 gram shell offers two very different and distinct breaks which can be seen from miles away. Silver to Red Silver to Green Crackling Stars to Silver Glitter Silver Glitter to Color Stars Flying Fish Green to Gold Silver to Purple Blue Stars [...]

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Powerstroke $24.88

Contains 12 single shells and one launch tube; effects are single-color peony shells, some with a center pistil of silver glitter, and single-color chrysanthmeum shells. 12 Shells/12 Breaks

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Pyronormal Experience $24.88

Double break reloadable that features spinners, crackle, multi-colored bouquets, and flying fish 6 Shells/12 Breaks

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Rubicon $275.00

Eighty-eight shells – single, double and triple-break canister and ball shells. 160 BREAKS

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Smoke ‘N Mirrors $59.88

There is no illusion in this Smoke and Mirrors. Each box has three kits of six canister shells which are manufactured using newly developed techniques. You’ll see golden willows, crackling flowers, time delayed crackling, colorful bouquets, colored stars, flying fish, glitter, multicolored scrambling comets 18 big breaks. 18 Shells/18 Breaks

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Super Magnum with Tail $24.88

Each box contains a great variety of 12 different 40 gram single break ball artillery shells. All 12 shells contain great crackling dragon tails that follow each sky as they rise into the air. Each shell rises to over 150 feet and breaks with some of the best symmetry you will see in a 1.75 [...]

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The Instigator $275.00

The Instigator stands over 6 feet tall and contains 84 different shells and includes an astounding 10 tubes.: Each kit comes complete with: 24 single break ball shells, 20 canister shells, 16 double break shells, 12 triple break shells, and 12 quadruple break shells. There are artillery shells with tails, others with crackle, and some [...]

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Trilogy $59.88

The Trilogy offers 18 of the highest available triple break shells offered in consumer fireworks! Effects included are: Green to Gold to Silver Glitter Red Palm w/Crackling, Green Palm w/ Crackling, Blue Palm w/Crackling Red to Blue to Green Chrysanthemum Crackling to Green Glitter w/Crackling, to Silver Glitter Green to Red Green Chrysanthemum Green w/ [...]

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Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring means a welcome to warmer weather and FIREWORKS!  We've been stocking our stores weekly throughout the winter months to provide you with the best variety at the lowest prices!   Looking ...

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