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American Heritage $49.88

2″ 9 shot brocade crown and mulch-chrysanthemums.

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American Rhythm $80.00

156 Shot Zipper Repater (A) Red sparkler; (B) white sparkler; (C) blue sparkler; (D) brocade crown + red sparkler and white sparkler and blue sparkler.

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Biohazard $9.88

(A) Red sparkler with crackling ; (B) green sparkler with crackling ; (C) blue sparkler with crackling ; (D) white sparkler with crackling ; (E) yellow sparkler with crackling 16 Shots

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CE DC $49.88

30 Shots Dahlia and white glittering mine to white glittering w/red coconut pistil; color dahlia and white glittering mine to white w/green coco.pistil; 3 color dahlia and white glittering mine to brocade crown w/white glittering; 4. blue pearl and chrys. mine to white glittering w/red and shy blue; 5. blue pearl and chrys. mine to [...]

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Dangerous Mind $49.88

24 shots 4 shots red mine up to red stars, 4 shots lemon star mine up to lemon stars, 4 shots orange star mine up to orange stars, 4 shots blue star mine up to blue star, 4 shots pink red mine up to brocade crown, 4 shots green stars mine up to green dahlia [...]

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Deadly Ground $18.00

Blue tail goes up to orange and white strobe; orange and crackling balls; orange and time rain chrysanthemums 10 shots

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Feel the Rush $18.00

12 shots 1st row: Blue red with white glitter, 2nd row silver fish with red glitter, 3rd row blue with white glitter, 4th row white glitter willow.

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Kill Bill $49.88

18 Shots Red tail up to red, blue dahlia with silver glitter, red star, gold dahlia with green glitter, red star green dahlia with silver glitter. 12 shots red tail up to red stars with silver glitter, red star with green glitter. 6 shot red tail up to red star crackling.

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Machete $49.88

36 shots 6 rows of variety!  Row1: brocade crown with blue stars mine; row2: red stars/blue stars /white glitter; row3: brocade crown waterfall with red glitter; row4: blue stars with red/green fallen leaves,blue stars with silver fish; row5: blue stars with silver fish,lemon red dahlia with white glitter; row6: gerbera

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Midnight Sunburn $49.88

This 12 shot 500 gram cake has an array of red, blue, purple, and green with a little glitter sprinkled in. 12 shots

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Above the Law $39.88

Color stars and silver fishes 28 shots

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America Assortment $79.88

Loaded with everything for family fun!  Mortars, Aerial Repeaters, Saturn Missiles along with fun-filled fountains and sparklers for the kids!

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AR 15 Mortar Kit $99.88

Contains 30 shells with 18 various effects! Red dahlia with white glitter Brocade crown to blue, Jumbo silver chrysanthemum Brocade crown with green glitter Sky blue Red white and blue peony Green glitter with crackles Color peony with crackles Brocade crown to green Brocade crown to red Purple peony Sea blue and purple with gold [...]

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Backyard Hero $275.00

Backyard Hero; 84 shells with 124 breaks!  6 tubes with TONS of fun (single and multi break shells)

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Battery Barrage $19.88

Multi-color chrysanthemums with stars and glittering.   15 shots.

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Bling $9.88

Crackling Tail to Silver Palm Tree to Purple Palm Tree 16 shots

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Bombshell $80.00

A mixture of 2″ and 3″ Shells.  Patriotic colors with big bursts and reports 9 shots

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Boneyard $24.88

Brocade crown with silver chrysanthemums 7 shots

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Boys of Summer $49.88

White glittering w/ red coconut; white glittering w/ green coconut; white glittering w/ yellow coconut; white glittering w/ purple coconut with a finale of huge titanium chrysanthemum with red dahlia 25 shots

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Bubble Blaster $7.88

Colorful stars with chrysanthemums 240 shots

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