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Ork Skull $39.88

25 shots Red glitter mine rise up red gliter, green glitter mine rise up to green glitter, golden glitter mine rise up to golden glitter, white glitter mine rise up to white glitter, crackling mine rise up to silver chrysanthemum.

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Safety Rules $49.88

30 shots fan shape, the same row goes up quickly together: brocade crown mine up to brocade crown w/red chrysanthemums!  

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Screaming Eagle $49.88

2″ 9 shot Awesome Red to white strobe!

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Southern Comfort $49.88

Sit back and drink in the view – quickened shots of silver bouquets with red falling leaves, green falling leaves and orange falling leaves. 30 shots

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United We Stand $49.88

30 shots 1. Red dahlia and silver chrys; 2. Green dahlia and silver chrys; 3. sky-blue dahlia and silver chrys; 4. Lemon dahlia and silver chrys; 5. Purple dahlia and silver Chrys.

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Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty $70.00

9 huge 3″ shots of Blue/Red/Glitter Brocades and Blue/Red/Green/Orange Dahlia.

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Fist Full of Power $39.88

Fist Full of Power displays a two-tier effect with mines firing up from the ground to large shells in the air. Effects include: willows, color breaks, crackling, and lots of glitter. 16 shots

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Frontlines $80.00

Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum. 125 shots

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Full Power $29.88

Nice assortment of aerial repeaters and novelties for great family fun!

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Garden In Spring $2.88

Shower of color stars and white glittering for 10 seconds then shooting up color star w/ report.

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Hardcore $12.00

Red/green/lemon/skyblue mine to red/green/lemon/skyblue + white glitter. 16 shots

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Infamy $12.00

1. white glitter, red 2. white glitter, green; 3. white glitter, blue 4. White glitter, purple (each shot has a white glitter mine) 12 shots

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Jaw Breaker $9.88

25 shot multi-colored cake with tons of effects!  Lots of color! 25 shots

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Jumbo M-5000 Crackers $2.88

M5000 crackers exhibit excellent packaging with vibrant red, yellow and white colors. Each Jumbo M5000 sticks contains a bundle of firecrackers strung together with quick fuse. This allows for all of the crackers to essentially ignite in a split second. This results in an extremely loud report which is sure to get everyone’s attention at [...]

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Junk in the Trunk Assortment $24.88

Nice family pack mixture of aerial and ground based items for one low price!

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