Mortars American Chief

American Chief

American Chief Mortar Kit

This great set from Brothers contains 12 amazing shells – 1. Crackling and blue sparkle with tail. 2. White flashing and two whistles with tail. 3. Blue stars and bees with tail. 4. Red, white, blue stars and reports with tail. 5. Blue stars and double spinners with tail. 6. Crackling and blue flower, double shells with tail. 7. Red ring. 8. Green ring. 9. Green palm with crackling tail. 10. Yellow peony with green palm. 11. Red peony to crackling with whistling and tail. 12. Red stars to crackling and double spinners. All with comet tails and large bursts.

12 shells/12 breaks

Case Price: $240.00 (12 packs)




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