Mortars AR 15 Mortar Kit

AR 15 Mortar Kit

Contains 30 shells with 18 various effects!

  • Red dahlia with white glitter
  • Brocade crown to blue,
  • Jumbo silver chrysanthemum
  • Brocade crown with green glitter
  • Sky blue
  • Red white and blue peony
  • Green glitter with crackles
  • Color peony with crackles
  • Brocade crown to green
  • Brocade crown to red
  • Purple peony
  • Sea blue and purple with gold glitter
  • White glitter sea blue and red glitte
  • Lemon with white and gold glitter
  • Sky blue with lemon and red glitter
  • Brocade crown with crackling
  • Silver coconut with red peony
  • Jumbo crackling.


Case Pricing: $240.00 for 3 boxes


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