Assortments Laying Down the Law

Laying Down the Law

Laying Down the Law, has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Megabanger products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 Saturn missile batteries! There are no small novelty items at all in this assortment!

Happy, Garden Inspring, Dark Buster, Silver Bullet, On the Edge, Clitter Clatter, Colorful Missile Launcher, Desert At Night, Blue Stars, Happy Hour, Moon Festival, Sound Mine, Anti Tank Mine, Martin’s Bomber, Dragon Balls, Toot N Twirl, Kokanee, Land of Free, Thunder Storm, Happy (6 shot), Right Here, Gone Bananas, After Burner, Turning Heads, Sexy Girl, Premium Artillery Mortars, Whistling Jake Mortars, 100 Shot Saturn Missiles, (4) 25 Shot Saturn Missiles


Case Pricing: $288.00 for 2 assortment packs


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