Assortments The King

The King

The King is the assortment everyone is looking for. It gives you everything from sparklers for the kids to artillery shells for the big boom everyone loves.
With over 20 different items, your show will last a long time!

-Fire Engine Red , -Dark Buster , -Silver Bullet, -25 shot Saturn Missile , -Colorful Missile Launcher , -Animal House , -Butterfly Flower , -Flower Power , -Happy,-Various Impressions , -Irish Delight , -Garden Inspring, -1 box Snappers , -Splash Out , -Green Golden Chrysanthemum , -3 pack Junior Cuckoos , -Diamond Rain , -Jade Flower , -Bee Hive , -Land of the Free , -On the Fritz , – Computer Land , -#100 Single Shot Mortar Tube , -#5 Single Shot Mortar Tube



Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring means a welcome to warmer weather and FIREWORKS!  We've been stocking our stores weekly throughout the winter months to provide you with the best variety at the lowest prices!   Looking ...

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